About us.

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American made.

Our Amish Craftsmen are American artisans that understand the definition of quality. 

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Not your mother's Amish furniture.

Mantra Inspired Furniture is designed by
designers for design minded people.

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The wood sustainability truth.

Where do engineered products go when they die? To the landfill with their chemical glues that seep into the earth. Our products are made of sustainable wood that can be refinished or reused.

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Our code.

Years ago a great business man passed down the simple code he lived by to his daughter. This code of ethics guided his daughter and her best friend through the trials and tribulations of creating a business of their own. Along the way, the women found new friends who live by a similar code. Together they created Mantra Inspired Furniture where that simple code lives within every design and is shared by those creating it.

Our story.

There has never been a time that humankind has been without inspiration. It is what brought two Swiss Amish craftsmen together in the 1600’s to create a friendship and build together. Centuries later two of their descendants would find each other again, but this time in America. And they found that inspiration to create and build, but this time with the two women who share the same type of code of ethics.

This is Mantra Inspired Furniture. Connections created through centuries with similar values.

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